Aloe Vera for your skin

Aloe Vera is a plant found in drier climates and has been used for many years for its medicinal benefits.

It’s a cactus plant, that has a clear gel within its leaves. When the leaves are snapped or cut off, the aloe gel will instantly ooze out, allowing you to apply it directly to the skin.

It has wonderful antibacterial properties that can help with many skin irritations and problems and contains antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E, B12 and folic acid, plus many other minerals and compounds.

What can Aloe Vera treat?

Aloe Vera can treat numerous ailments from applying directly onto skin to ingesting it for benefits within the body, such as soothing the effects of stomach ulcers and helping to treat diabetes, constipation and asthma. It can also treat bowel diseases, osteoarthritis and itching.

If you’re prone to periodontitis, gum disease or dry sockets when you’ve had a tooth extracted by the dentist, then aloe vera can help calm all these problems too.


Probably its most common use is to treat sunburn. It’s soothing and protective properties help to speed up the healing process. While it’s doing this it will also be infusing the burnt area with the much-needed hydration and moisturisation it needs and helping to minimise that dry, tight feeling that comes with spending too much time in the sun without the right protection.

Soothing skin

Aloe Vera’s soothing properties help to soothe most skin irritations, especially those that have a sensitive skin type or rosacea. It is often included in beauty products that are aimed at this skin type. It helps to calm any flushes that you may be experiencing and your skin to feel refreshed.

If you suffer from psoriasis or itchy skin, Aloe Vera can also help soothe these conditions too. It can be a remedy for burns and frostbite, but we would strongly suggest seeking medical attention first, and checking with your doctor that you are able to use Aloe Vera to treat any skin concerns you may have.

Cold sores

If you are unfortunate to suffer from cold sores, then Aloe Vera is here to help you too. Its anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties help to relieve the discomfort they bring and while it is doing that, it can also help with speeding up the healing process too. Just simply apply its gel a few times a day for it to get to work. Oh and don’t worry if you ingest some while doing this, you shouldn’t have any adverse reactions, as Aloe Vera gel can be ingested.

Skin type

Aloe Vera can be used by all skin types, but in particular sensitive, rosacea and oily complexions will benefit the greatest from it.

As it has anti-inflammatory properties, it can soothe any irritation that sensitive skins are prone to, while moisturising too.

For oily skins, it helps to moisturise the face without clogging the pores, which in turn can help reduce the likelihood of spots that this skin type is prone too. Aloe vera works really well with Tea Tree oil in the fight against acne, while protecting and soothing the inflamed area.

This wonderful and natural ingredient can be used on everyone, and truly is a little miracle worker that should be in everyone’s bathroom and/ or first aid kit. Don’t forget to take it with you on holiday to help with any sunburn you or a family member may suffer from.

You can buy it in many different shops, including pharmacies and health shops.

Here at K2A we sure do love a drop of Aloe in our skincare to help replenish our skin, especially when our skin is to put up with makeup, the daily stresses of life, and different environments we find ourselves in throughout the day.

That’s why you can find Aloe Vera in our Harmonising Daily Moisture Cream to soothe away the day’s stresses and enhance hydration back into your delicate skin.

It is also included in our Gentle Cleansing Milk to start the smoothing process at the very first step of your skincare regime.

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