Argan oil skin benefits

The wonderful benefits of Argan oil are well known throughout the world and within the beauty industry. It works wonders when applied to either wet or dry hair and helps to soften, nourish/hydrate it and provide immense amounts of shine.

Some refer to it as ‘liquid gold’ and it is easy to understand why!

But what is Argan oil?

Argan oil is found in Morocco and is extracted from the Argan tree via its stone found within its fruit, which is crushed to release the precious oil.

Why is argan oil good for your skin and what are the benefits?

We know it is an amazing product to add to your hair care routine, but did you know you can also apply Argan oil to your face and body?

Well yes, you can. It is loaded with Vitamin A & E that helps to soften your skin, as well as Omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants, that help to boost your skin’s radiance too.

Throughout the centuries it has also been used to treat infections of the skin, to soothe skin rashes, and insects bites, plus it has been known to help in the fight against anti-ageing too!

Skincare uses of Argan oil

As well as nourishing both skin and hair, it also works really well at boosting cell production when applied topically. This will contribute towards your hair and skin becoming healthier.

Face and body moisturiser

Argan oil works wonders as a face or body moisturiser especially as it doesn’t leave an oily residue because it is quickly absorbed by the skin.

The Vitamin A and E found in the oil, help towards reducing wrinkles and keeping the delicate eye area moisturised too. A small amount only is needed, one drop is enough to moisturise your entire face.

If you suffer from dry skin, add a few drops of argan oil into your body moisturiser or mix it with coconut oil and apply to your body. You’ll soon feel the sumptuous relief and revel in your softened skin.

Argan oil is great if you suffer from cracked or dry skin on your feet and heels. Add a few drops of the oil to them and massage in. Apply a pair of socks and either let the oil sink in for twenty minutes or if you can, leave it on overnight.

Once your time is up, simply wash off (you may need to use a cloth to get rid off all the leftover residue) and reveal soft tootsies once more.


If you suffer from dry cuticles. Gently massage a few drops of Argan oil into your nails and cuticle. It will soak in quickly and won’t leave a sticky or greasy residue.


An exfoliator is an essential part of everyone’s skincare regime but it is also one that you can easily make at home, and save some of your pennies in the process.

When making your exfoliator (there are many recipes on the internet) add a couple of drops of argan oil to it. While the dead skin cells are being scrubbed away by your homemade exfoliator, the argan oil can be absorbed into the fresher skin, aiding a more youthful and radiant glow.


Argan oil has been proven to help those with oily skin and suffer from acne, to actually reduce sebum levels – the cause of spots!

It’s naturally high Linoleic acid content works towards reducing the inflammation that acne causes AND it helps to calm down the inflammation often associated with spots.

Stretch marks

Many creams and remedies on the market claim they prevent stretch marks or can help reduce their appearance.

Step forward Argan oil once more. To help prevent stretch marks appearing, rub two to three drops of the oil into problems areas. It is said to help improve the skin’s elasticity, a good step in preventing them from appearing.

Bumps and burns from shaving with razors

We’ve all experienced those nasty bumps and burns, but next time you do, apply argan oil to the affected area to help soothe and heal the area faster. This is great for both men and woman and can be applied to any part of the body that you shave.

At K2A we love and fully understand the wonderful benefits that Argan oil can bring to skincare. So much so, we want you to experience its wonderfulness too and include it in our Gentle Cleansing Milk.

Not only will it help to keep your skin cleansed, and smelling divine, but you’ll be able to have smooth and hydrated your skin both morning and night. What’s not to love?

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