Beauty Myths Busted

Through the years there have been many beauty myths that have surfaced. Some are factual, and the rest are wrong.

So we thought we’d name some beauty myths and go into details as to whether they are wrong or right.

Natural Ingredients are better for skin

Hmm, this myth is a tricky one, because yes some natural ingredients are better for your skin but not all are.

This myth has been a hot topic of discussion for a fair few years now, and more so recently as more and more people are wanting to embrace incorporating natural ingredients in all areas of their life, from natural skin care to natural deodorant and toothpastes, to what they cook with.

A lot of people are turning to natural ingredients to help stop toxic ingredients from harming their body and decide to make their own skincare products. This is a great idea; however, there is a lot of research you need to do to ensure you are using the right products, as there are also specific ingredients that can be found in skincare that are actually harmful to your skin. Ingredients such as; Ethanol, Alcohol Denat, and Benzyl Alcohol, all dry out your skin quickly and can quicken the ageing process of your skin.

We’ve written a few articles on natural oils and how they can help your skin, and we also include many natural oils in our products; however, there are a few natural ingredients that aren’t good for skincare, and some skin types can react with specific natural ingredients.

Good natural ingredients:

Sensitive skin types such as those who have Rosacea may find that using oils whether natural or synthetic can irritate their skin further rather than helping it.

Overall, yes natural products can be better for your skin as there are no synthetic nasties included, but remember that there are a lot of ingredients from plants that are poisonous and/or cause severe allergic reactions.

So we can’t entirely bust this myth and say ‘yes’ natural ingredients are better for skin, as not all natural ingredients are good for you.

Products that make your skin tingle are good for you?

Ah sorry to bust this one but actually, no they’re not. Tingling skin care products make you think they’re working to ‘tighten’ or ‘plump’ your skin, but in fact, they’re merely irritating and in the long run, hurting the skin. When you feel that tingling sensation it’s your skin’s response to being sensitised – doesn’t sound so good now does it?

Now when you apply these products you may not see that they are doing harm, you may not come out with an itchy, red rash, because its deep down in the surface layers where the problem is arising. It will take time for any problems to show through, but don’t be fooled over time the damage will show through.

You can shrink pores

Now, this myth has been doing the rounds for decades, but sadly this isn’t really true. You see our pores go through phases. When our oil glands that are located within the pore, produce more sebum, that then causes the pore to become enlarged. Although they may not seem to reduce in size, throughout the year and dependant upon situations, stress’ and daily life we go through, our pores do shrink and enlarge.

For example, have you ever noticed a time where your pores seem to be larger and showing through on your makeup, yet a couple of weeks later your make up was sitting okay again? That’s was when your pores were producing more sebum and were perhaps a little out of sync.

Your pore size is generally dictated to you by your skin type and your genetics sadly, but there are steps you can take to help reduce the opportunities for your pores to enlarge further.

Cleanse your skin every day and exfoliate; otherwise dead skin cells will get trapped within the pores, causing blackheads, spots and enlarged pores.

You need a separate neck cream to your regular facial cream

Not true folks! The skin on your neck is no different to the skin on your face. All you have to do is treat your neck the same as you would your face. Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise and add your SPF!

Your skin adapts to your skincare products and stops working

Wrong! The reason you perhaps think your product has stopped working is that when you first start using a new product it will work differently to what you have been using, and will (hopefully) improve your skin, and because it’s new you’ll notice the difference.

A few months go by, and you think its stopped working when it is merely maintaining your skin to the standard it always has, but you’ve got use to it.

And there we are, a few beauty myths that you may have come across finally busted!

Here at K2A, we love natural ingredients and fully understand their full potential, and that’s why our range of skincare products are packed full of these wonderful and natural skin-loving ingredients, to help you achieve your best skin yet.

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