Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose oil is a plant that is often seen during the spring and summer with small yellow flowers attached. The oil itself is taken from pressed seeds from the plant. It has many wonderful uses for skincare, helping with internal health as well as being renowned for helping with relieving menstrual pains.

The oil itself contains two essential fatty acids; gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, which both help to reduce inflammation and pain.

When taken orally it can help with lowering blood pressure and easing PMS bloating and tension.

Originating from North America, this precious oil has been used for many centuries as an aid for many problems. When it was predominantly available to the Native Americans, they used it to help heal bruises. Legend has it that they rubbed the root of it on the soles of their moccasins when they were hunting so the animals couldn’t smell them.

It was first used in England for botany purposes in 1754 and was named “King’s cure-all” by herbalists because they believed it could treat most ailments. Its Latin name is Oenothera biennis which comes from the name ‘wine’ and ‘beast’.

Over the years, it has naturally progressed to be included within skin care products so it can provide the skin with its natural healing properties too. It is often added to lotions and potions with Vitamin E to help replenish and soothe the skin.

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits:

Primrose oil has so many different benefits we thought we’d list a few, to see if any can help you!


Yes, the ‘time of the month’ isn’t something us women enjoy going through! Well, to help ease it, Evening Primrose Oil can be used to help treat the associated bloating, breast tenderness and irritability.

Hormonal Imbalance and increases fertility

Hormonal imbalances can wreak havoc on one’s skin, hair and general well being, and this is becoming more and more common in the fast-paced society we live in. Evening Primrose Oil is said to help reset the hormonal equilibrium of the endocrine system aiding in fewer fluctuations.

It is also known when taken as a supplement, to improve the richness of cervical mucus, resulting in a more fertile ground for the sperm.

With regards to any medicinal benefits that Evening Primrose Oil has, we would always strongly recommend that you seek medical advice from your GP before you start taking this as a supplement.

Psoriasis and Diabetes

The oil helps Psoriasis to be soothed, with the skin having an improved cell turnover rate when applied topically. Evening Primrose Oil is also able to soothe and reduce the redness, itching and rashes on the skin associated with both Psoriasis and Eczema.

It is said that the oil can help with Diabetes, reducing symptoms that diabetics experience. The gamma-linolenic acid found in the oil can work towards relieving nerve pain and further prevent nerve damage.


Those who suffer from acne tend to have a hormonal imbalance, which is why Evening Primrose Oil goes hand in hand with treating acne. Its healing properties when applied topically to the face will help to clear spots, and when taken orally will also work from within as well, tackling this condition inside and out.

Anti Aging

As it is super moisturising, Evening Primrose Oil can help keep one’s skin soft, supple and smooth. Packed with those essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, these nutrients help maintain the skin’s everyday function, and aid in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines from forming.

The antioxidants work towards preventing damage to the skin from free radicals, something the face is subject to on a daily basis.

How to add Evening Primrose Oil into your skincare routine

Do you have oily skin? Then, Evening Primrose Oil is about to be your new best friend. It helps to regulate the function of the oil glands, as well as moisturising your skin too.

It will help to heal your skin quicker too when you have an outbreak of spots and reduce any redness you may have.

The oil itself will absorb quickly into your skin and shouldn’t leave you with any residue on your face.

You can either apply it directly onto your clean face and massage in (before moisturiser), or you can add it into either moisturiser or serum. Add 5-15% to either to reap the benefits.

You can also take Evening Primrose Oil as a supplement, as every part of your body including, skin, hair, nails, will benefit from it. It may take a few weeks for your body to fully utilise the goodness it brings, but it really will be worth it.

As we have previously said, we’d strongly suggest you seek medical advice before taking any form of supplements and to perform a patch test 24 hours before you apply the oil directly to your skin, just to make sure there isn’t any irritation.

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