Benefits of Rose oil for skin

Rose oil has been used for many centuries throughout the world for many wonderful things. From skincare to food and relaxing the mind and its many therapeutic benefits, it truly is a wonderful oil for many purposes.

Rose oil is mainly harvested from Bulgaria, but France, Turkey, Morocco also produce this wondrous oil too.

The oil is produced and extracted from the petals of the rose and it is actually a by-product of the process of making rose water.

Rose oil is one of the more expensive oils on the market and that is because it takes 10,000 roses to make just 5ml of product!

Benefits of Rose Oil

There are many, many uses of rose oil including; relieving anxiety, balancing hormones, help to improve skin tone, reduce rosacea and help towards improving depression. It can also be used to kill bacteria in a cut, to reduce signs of scars plus so much more.

We’ve created a small list of the things Rose oil can help with.

Mental health

Mental health is a chronic condition that has seen a huge rise in the number of people suffering from it over the past few years. There are many external factors associated with triggering depression and anxiety, as well as those internal factors meaning some people are genetically predisposed to suffering these horrible conditions.

Many who do suffer, try to avoid taking medication for many reasons and may prefer to use more natural remedies to help. Lavender and Rose oils have been used for many years in helping to calm the mind, body and to help boost and uplift one’s mood.

The sweet and soothing smell is as an anti-anxiety agent, that works wonders when used to fill the air of one’s home, as well as including it when having a massage (something that often helps with the symptoms of mental health), or in your daily skincare regime.

We would like to mention at this point that natural remedies alone aren’t necessarily going to cure one’s depression and/or anxiety alone. They work well at helping to reduce the symptoms for a period of time and in conjunction with medication, but we would strongly recommend to always seek the advice of your doctor and/or counsellor first.

Rose oil and skin health

Rose oil has many wonderful benefits for overall skin health and should where possible be added to your skincare regime.

From reducing acne, to reducing the appearance and calming down rosacea, this wonderful oil can even enhance the permeability of the skin’s cells, so they are able to absorb and fully utilise the goodness of the products you apply.

Products such as a serum and moisturiser will be allowed to fully work with your skin helping to better and protect it.

It is also well renowned for an evening out skin tone, is anti inflammatory (both wonderful news for those with rosacea), and is a natural way to help fade scars and stretch marks.

It is also said to help soothe headaches, reduce bloating, is anti-viral and a natural antiseptic. So why haven’t you got this in your beauty cupboard?

Rose oil for the face has never been easier to add into your skincare routine, with many brands now adding or designing products with rose oil or water added to them products. We’ve included it in many of our products, because we fully understand it’s benefits and want our customers to use this wonderful oil too.

You can find it in our products such as our Replenishing Daily Moisture Cream and Gentle Cleansing Milk.

What skin type can benefit from using Rose oil?

All skin types can benefit greatly from using Rose oil and adding it to their skincare.

Although dry and sensitive skin are most likely to benefit even more so than oily/normal and combination skin types. And that’s only because rose oil is hydrating and calming – it helps to ease the tightness often associated with dry skin.

For sensitive skin it will help calm any irritation, inflammation and soothe the skin, helping to also even out skin tone.

It truly is an ‘essential oil’ that has lots of different benefits for a range of applications. Perhaps it’s time you invested in having a bottle of this miraculous and beneficial product in your cupboard? Or at least added into your skincare regime to reap its goodness?

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