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  • Winter has  arrived.

    Winter has arrived.

    I love winter because I love the Cozy warm mornings with the heating on. I love sipping hot Lemon and Ginger tea as I slowly shower and get ready for the day. Winter is a great time to nest , snuggling up with warm blankets and good books and large mugs of warm drinks. I […]

  • Your wellbeing is important

    So, what are you doing right now? How are you feeling? How do you take care of yourself? I work with many clients and most of them put their family commitments, job and the well being for others before themselves. During our one to one sessions, I use essential oils and breathing techniques combined with […]

  • Festival Season

  • Foaming Face Cleanser £12.99

    Foaming Face Cleanser £12.99

    Have you tried my Foaming Face Cleanser because here’s why you should: Combining Extracts of Seaweed, Feverfew and Aloe Vera. Blended with Sage, Lemon and Bergamot essential oils. It is currently my Best Seller and is great to refresh and uplift you. First, add water, secondly foam and wash face and neck, and finally rinse.

  • Why Facial Massage Is Your New Best Friend?

    Facial massage is part and parcel of a facial that you experience at a beauty salon or spa. Remember how enjoyable and relaxing it felt, let alone how plumped your skin was? Why only leave it as a treat at the spa? You could do facial massage yourself at home, and nightly if you wanted. […]

  • Cleansing Milk For Acne Prone Skin

    Cleansing Milk For Acne Prone Skin

    If you have acne prone skin you’ll know all too well how painful it is, how it can affect your confidence with the red bumps followed by black heads and/or whiteheads, and what a pain it can be to cover it up when you need to. Finding the right cleanser is just as important as […]

  • What is Squalane?

    What is Squalane?

    The latest beauty ‘buzzword’ of the year is Squalane. An ingredient that is becoming more and more popular in skincare products, but what exactly is it, what does it do, and do you need it? What is Squalane? Squalane is an oil that is naturally found in Olive oil, Rice Bran, Amaranth and Wheatgerm. An […]

  • Beauty Myths Busted

    Beauty Myths Busted

    Through the years there have been many beauty myths that have surfaced. Some are factual, and the rest are wrong. So we thought we’d name some beauty myths and go into details as to whether they are wrong or right. Natural Ingredients are better for skin Hmm, this myth is a tricky one, because yes […]

  • What Does A Face Serum Do?

    Face serums have been around for a few years now, yet so many are still unsure what their actual purpose is. So, here at K2A, we thought we’d tell you exactly what it is they’re used for. What is a face serum? A face serum intention is to deliver key ingredients that have a higher […]

  • What Ingredients Do You Need In An Eye Cream?

    Eye cream is a beauty staple that should be in everyone’s skincare regime. You see the eye area is a delicate part of the face that shows the first signs of ageing. The skin in this area is the thinnest it can be with minimal oil glands, and few collagen and elastin fibres. Therefore if […]