Cleansing Milk For Acne Prone Skin

If you have acne prone skin you’ll know all too well how painful it is, how it can affect your confidence with the red bumps followed by black heads and/or whiteheads, and what a pain it can be to cover it up when you need to.

Finding the right cleanser is just as important as finding the right spot treatment that works for your skin type.

Acne sufferers tend to have oily to combination skin, and it’s the excess sebum that is produced that’s one of the culprits for making spots.

But, those who have dry complexions can also have acne, although it is rare because their skin isn’t over producing oil, they are still able to have hormone spots which can develop into big red bumps.

Cleansing is the very first stage of your skincare routine and one that may seem not as important as the other products you’d use, as you simply wash it off, but if it isn’t right then it will further upset your skin.

So let’s look at what a cleansing milk is.

What is a cleansing milk?

A cleansing milk is perfect for those who have dry or sensitive skin, because they don’t tend to have soaps or harsh chemicals within them. This may also help those with acne skin as soap is always too harsh on the facial skin, while harsh chemicals can potentially make acne worse.

It is a lightweight lotion that’s used to remove makeup and dirt from the face, to not only thoroughly cleanse the skin, but to help prevent the clogs from becoming clogged and producing spots.

How does a cleansing milk work?

Unlike some cleansers, a cleansing milk doesn’t totally strip your skin of its natural oils. Instead it simply works to bind to the dirt and makeup and when removed,  reveals cleaner skin, that is hydrated and ready for you to follow with your other products, such as serums and moisturisers. Cleansing is the base point for your skincare routine, by having clean, fresh skin, all your following products can work hard providing you with all their key benefits, which is something they wouldn’t be able to do if there is a layer of dirt, left on the skin.

How does a cleansing milk help acne prone skin?

Typically those who have acne prone skin would normally reach for a foaming cleanser, which is a great cleanser for removing the excess oil and thoroughly getting into the pores to deeply clean the skin, helping to reduce the chance for acne to spring up.

Cleansing milks can sometimes be a little rich for those with oilier skin, which is why a foaming cleanser is most likely to be picked. However, a cleansing milk can actually help soothe the skin if it is irritated or red from the acne, calming the face and cleaning it at the same time.

I have acne prone skin, which cleanser is better for me?

In order to choose the right cleanser for your acne prone skin you need to work exactly what your skin types is so you can choose accordingly. If you have dry, sensitive skin, then a cleansing milk will be better for you. If you have combination skin you can use either a cleansing milk or a foaming cleanser, and if you have oily skin then a foaming cleanser would be best suited to your skin type.

Here at K2A, we love natural ingredients and fully understand their full potential, and that’s why our range of skincare products are packed full of these wonderful and natural skin-loving ingredients, to help you achieve your best skin yet.

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