Evening Holiday Skincare

Holidays are great, aren’t they? You get to unwind, relax and find new places to discover and fall in love with.

Everything seems to take a back seat while you recharge your batteries and soak up that glorious sunshine and vitamin sea!

But one thing you shouldn’t let slip is your skincare regime and in particular your evening skin care.

After a day on the beach, by the pool or exploring, your skin really would have taken a battering from not only the heat and the Sun’s rays; but also the chlorine in the pool, salt water from the sea and any makeup and SPF you have worn.

If you haven’t kept up with your daily water intake and had one too many cocktails, your skin will show the first signs of dehydration, along with dryness thanks to the water you’ve been splashing around in, the sand you’ve been lying on and the Sun drying your skin out.

So we thought we’d provide you with a guide to your evening skincare routine to help keep your skin in its best possible state.

Why should your skincare change on holiday?

When you’re on holiday, your routine daily life gets left at home, and you can start to unwind and leave your worries behind, and the same can be said for the way you treat your skin too.

If you’re going abroad to sunnier climates, you are going to need to adapt your skincare routine to deal with higher levels of sunshine, and the drying effects of salt/chlorine water and sand. Let’s not forget that you’ll probably sweat more as it will be hotter, throw all these aspects into a pot, stir together, and the outcome is skin that will be knocked out of sync and unhappy.

So you can see why your typical skincare routine is going to need to step up to the challenge.

Although the Sun is great for the feel-good factor, your skin will only thank you for a day in the Sun if you protect it properly. It goes without saying that you have to protect all skin that will be on show during the day with a broad spectrum SPF with a minimum factor of 30.

Don’t forget to apply a face-specific SPF to your face, neck and ears as regular body sun cream will be too oily and greasy for your delicate face area. Plus, if you wear makeup over the top of your SPF, traditional body sun cream will cause your makeup to slide off more easily.

Your skin will likely become either oilier because of the SPF protection and sweat mixing together, or a lot drier.

Of an evening your skin is going to need a thorough cleanse and more hydration than usual to help rejuvenate itself after a long drying day in the glorious outdoors.

Holiday skincare for face

The first step in your evening skincare regime when you’re on holiday should be to use micellar water to remove makeup and SPF and to then use your cleanser. By using a micellar water beforehand, your cleanser can work harder and deeper into the pores, removing any makeup that is left behind, dirt, sweat and providing you with a nice clean base. K2A’s Gentle Cleansing Milk is light enough to refresh your skin in the evening, yet is packed full of hydrating, calming and uplifting ingredients to truly replenish and clean your face.

Is there anything better than taking your makeup off at the end of the day, especially when you’re in a hotter country?

Next, you’re going to need to apply a serum if you use one, then follow with an eye serum and moisturiser.

When it comes to your night time moisturiser, you’re going to want a cream that isn’t too rich, yet one that will deliver the hydration you need and any anti ageing benefits you may need. If it has antioxidants in it and has ingredients to help repair the skin, then even better, as it can start tackling those free radicals that have attacked your face throughout the day, working

deep into the night helping your skin to replenish itself.K2A’s Harmonising Daily Moisture Cream is perfect to take on holiday and to use in your evening skincare routine. It is light enough not to clog pores and is ideal at rebalancing, soothing, regenerating and calming the skin thanks to its blend of essential oils.

Don’t forget to cleanse and apply cream to your neck and decollete as these are areas that show the first signs of ageing because the skin is a lot thinner.

Don’t forget to apply a lip balm to help moisturise your lips throughout the day as well as an in the evening. Lips can become dry really quickly when out in the Sun all day.

Holiday skincare for your body

As we have already mentioned, you’re going to need to wear suntan lotion throughout the day and to reapply every couple of hours. (If you’ve been in and out of the water and been towel drying, then apply your suntan lotion more frequently).

Once your back to your hotel/villa or apartment, you’ll want to wash the days sweat, sand and salty water off your body to not only refresh and clean yourself but to give you a clean canvas to help re-moisturise and care for your skin.

An aftersun or Aloe Vera gel will be perfect for moisturising once you’re out of the shower, to help heal any sunburn you may have, while replenishing your skin’s moisture levels, to stop it from becoming dry and starting to peel.

Don’t forget to pack a soothing yet moisturising body cream to reveal silky soft skin, and don’t skip out on moisturising the soles of your feet too. Your feet will become extremely dry from being exposed in flip flops, sandals and walking around barefoot by the pool or on the beach.

So now there is no excuse to let your skin become dry, flaky and lacklustre while you recline on your sun lounger.

Bon Voyage!

Here at K2A, we love natural ingredients and fully understand their full potential, and that’s why our range of skincare products are packed full of these wonderful and natural skin-loving ingredients, to help you achieve your best skin yet.

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