Festival Season

Photo Credit Caroline Veronez

By now many of you will have attended 2, maybe 3 festivals and are basking in that heady after glow of kindred spirit connections, soul journey – music, living outdoors with all the elements, in awe of mother nature, the partying, the extreme highs, the emotional lows, the exhaustion.

Festival Fun
The build up to festival season is so exciting, seeing what events there are, who’s performing, what talks are happening, the hot tubs, the chill out zones, the unexpected.
Some festivals are one maybe two weeks long and the community you are in seems like a big beautiful bubble.

As a result, this can leave you feeling drained, depressed and low.

Here is your Post Festival Aftercare Guide:

1. Firstly, take the next day off when you get home to truly ‘land’

2. Leave unpacking your suitcase until you feel ready, it can wait.

3. Eat well, after all the partying and lack of sleep, you need to refuel your body, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of fluids, water and herbal teas. Most importantly, avoid alcohol and recreational drugs to allow your body to recharge.

4. Get some early nights, have a bath and rest your body

5. If you feel low, arrange to meet a friend in the park, (however, if you feel low as though you may hurt yourself see your doctor or health practitioner)

6. Switch off social media for a few days, don’t get anxious if you haven’t heard back from people/connections you made, don’t take it personally, they probably will be adjusting back to normality too.

7. Book something to look forward to, there are lots of free events you can attend such as a gallery/talk
8. Let whatever emotions rise surface, crying can actually be quite healing.

9. Set small achievable goals to help you get back in to work again.

10. Lastly, Be kind to you






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