How a good skincare routine will prevent spots

Spots are something that most of us throughout our lifetime have or will experience. Some occasionally experience an odd pimple or two, others have full-blown acne or plenty of blackheads.

Now there are many reasons as to why people have spots, some are down to hormones, genetics, the body producing too much oil, reacting to an ingredient in either skincare or makeup, while others is simply due to not having a good cleansing regimen.

There are of course many other factors as to why we all get spots, but we’re going to talk about putting in place a good skincare routine to help diminish the possibility of a spot forming.

How do spots form?

Spots are formed when the pore they are developing from becomes blocked. They can be blocked by dead skin cells, excess sebum and even dirt that has got deep into the pore.

There are different types of spots; Blackhead, whitehead, pustules, cystic acne and boils.

A blackhead is caused by dead skins cells and dirt trapped inside the pore (very much like a ‘plug’), which stops the glands below secreting oil and dead skin cells. When it rises to the surface, the melanin within the trapped pore will oxidise with the air and make the spot appear black. They are often referred to comedones.

Whiteheads are when the spot is actually just below the surface of the skin. It stays a lighter colour (usually white/yellow) because the melanin hasn’t been exposed to the air and therefore can’t oxidise.

Acne and pustules are spots that tend to have the bacteria propionibacterium present which causes the body to send red and white blood cells to the pore to help heal it, which will then produce the inflamed redness of skin, bumps and pus.

Boils are often caused by an infected hair follicle (such as an ingrown hair) and reside under the skin. They can be painful, large and usually full of pus. They often go away on their own, but in extreme cases, they can turn into abscesses and require antibiotics to clear them.

Good skin care routine

As we said earlier, there are many reasons as to why people get spots, but one sure way to help towards preventing them is to have a good skincare routine in place suitable for your skin type.

Cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise, with weekly exfoliation and the use of a spot fighting mask too.

Firstly it is important to double cleanse with a cleanser such as K2A’s Foaming Face Cleanser to ensure all the daily dirt and grime has been removed from the face. Double cleansing enables the cleanser to work harder. The first cleanse will be able to get rid of the surface dirt, allowing the second cleanse to clean deeper inside your pores.

By using a toner you’ll be getting rid of any last traces of dirt that may still be left on the skin. The toner will not only perk up your skin but is perfect for those of you with oily and acne prone skin as it helps to shrink pores and restores the skin’s pH balance, as well as adding a layer of protection.

If you have spots already popping up, now is the time to treat them before you apply your moisturiser.

Tea Tree oil and  Witch Hazel are fantastic natural remedies that have antibacterial properties and are well know in helping to treat spots. Salicylic acid will also be a friend to you and a foe to your spots, targeting them where it hurts, helping to reduce their size and get rid of them quicker. Plus Salicylic Acid will also work and prevent breakouts too.

This wonderful acid will also help loosen the sticky like substance that blackheads are, meaning they can be removed more easily.

Finally, you’ll need to moisturise your skin, to provide hydration and any other specifics such as targeting wrinkles, calming sensitivity or targeting spots etc.

A moisturiser will also prevent your skin from becoming too dry or too oily.

K2A’s Harmonising Daily Moisturising Cream is the perfect moisturiser for spot prone skin as it is light in texture, won’t clog pores, yet balances the skin nicely.

Exfoliation will help remove the dead skin cells that lay on the outer surface of the skin and reduce the chance for them to become clogged in the pores, which would ultimately form a spot.

K2A’s Exfoliating Face Polish is perfect for gently scrubbing away dull and dead skin cells, to reveal a brighter complexion and to reduce the likelihood of spots. Plus it contains natural Jojoba beads instead of toxic and environmentally harming microbeads and is packed with natural ingredients that will work wonders on your skin.

Applying a mask once or twice a week, that has active spot fighting ingredients will also help in your fight against spots.

Find a mask that not only treats your spot but will also draw out the gunk within the pores that are likely to cause those pesky pimples.

Don’t fret if you have more spots a day or two after you’ve applied a face mask or had a facial at a spa. This is perfectly normal and as the massaging techniques and the mask itself would have been working to draw the dirt out for you.

By having a daily skin care routine you can greatly reduce the chances of spots from appearing as you’ll be actively reducing the chance of dirt and grime on your face from blocking pores and producing spots.

Here’s why cleansing twice a day will give you your best looking skin.

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