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Foaming Face Cleanser

Foaming Face Cleanser

Feverfew, Red Seaweed & Bergamot Oil 150ml


This is a wonderful foaming cleanser containing Irish Moss, Feverfew and Aloe Vera Extract, combining essential oils of Sage, lemon and Bergamot to give a refreshing cleansing experience.

Our Foaming Face Cleanser is one of our best sellers and popular with men and women alike. It is great for people who like to wash their face with water. It contains Irish Red Moss which allows it to gently foam when water is added. It does not contain Sodium Laurel Sulphates. It has Sage and Feverfew to heal and soothe the skin and the wonderful aromas of Lemon and Bergamot essential oils which stimulate, balance and invigorate the skin. This truly energises and awakens the senses. 

£19.00 150ml

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