Skin care tips for travelling long haul

It’s only February, but are you planning your summer getaway to a far-flung place for some essential R&R? Those white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters are all waiting for you to rest your weary head and rejuvenate yourself.

But before you arrive you have a long haul flight to tackle and we all know how much skin hates being on an air-conditioned, skin drying aeroplane for any amount of time.

So we thought we’d put together a guide to help your skin behave on your flight.

No MakeUp

Your skin will be dry, thirsty and sadly makeup will only make these signs worse. If you can, don’t wear makeup on the flight.

If you feel you can’t bare the thought of being in the airport without makeup then why don’t you treat yourself to a little pamper once you’re up in the air?

Pamper time

Take your favourite travel minis, including face wipes, a face spray, lip balm, a good eye cream and moisturiser and you can easily take your makeup off on the plane.

Wanting to go that extra mile, why not add a face mask – whether that’s a sheet mask or a leave on hydrating mask, to let your skin soak up all the hydrating goodness.

All these products won’t require water or rinsing off, therefore you’ll be able to pamper yourself right from your very seat.

You can, of course, use your normal moisturiser but preferably your skin is going to need a thick and a more hydrating formula to truly quench your skin’s thirst.

A hydrating, moisturising mask such as a sheet mask or an overnight hydrating mask that you don’t have to tissue off will be perfect and seeing as you’re on a long-haul flight, it will soak into your skin nicely.

K2A’s Harmonising Daily Moisture Cream is the perfect moisturiser for your pamper up in the air. Packed with all the hydrating and nutritious natural ingredients that your skin will need to be soothed, nourished and balanced, when you step off that plane, it will help towards you looking refreshed.

If you feel your facial skin is starting to feel dry throughout the flight then you can always use a facial spray. These are perfect to help cool you down and refresh you and your skin. They’re also great at spritzing on your face in between taking off your makeup and before applying your moisturiser.

What shows up your tiredness the most? Of course, it’s your under eye area. Long haul flights can show up; dark circles, fine lines, puffiness and drier skin, making you appear, tired, and less rested.

What can you do to help soothe your eyes during the long flight?

Hydration and moisturisation are key.

There are numerous hydrating eye masks, with de-puffing and anti-ageing ingredients that are applied to your undereye area that you can pop on to help your eyes appear refreshed when you land.

Alternatively, a good eye cream with the above properties will also do a great job of helping this delicate area.

Keeping hydrated throughout the flight is also essential, so try and avoid alcoholic drinks and drink plenty of water.

Why should I cleanse my skin on a flight?

By cleansing and moisturising your skin on the plane, you’ll not only be taking off your makeup and dirt you’ve accumulated on your face from the airport, but you’ll be allowing your skin to breathe better and to absorb all the hydration it can to help prevent it from drying out from the flight.

You’ll also find that once you land and for the following few days that your skin will be in a much better condition compared to not looking after your skin on the flight.

If you don’t, you’ll find that your makeup will not sit on your face nicely, and your skin could be extremely dry or oily because of it.

Looking your best when you land

If before you land, you’d like to apply a little makeup then these are the following suggestions, to help you look your best.

  • CC cream

With your face being disrupted in the flight, a hydrating CC cream will be perfect, to add that glow, hydration and to provide you with a decent coverage without your skin looking tired, dull and cakey from it.

  • Nude eyeliner

Line the waterline of your eyes with a nude eyeliner, to help your eyes appear brighter and wider awake.

  • Mascara

To make your eyes stand out, apply a couple of layers of mascara.

  • Bronzer

To add a little colour and definition to your face, add a touch of bronzer to your face for that pre-holiday glow.

Don’t forget that all liquid items you take on board the flight in your hand luggage, has to be under 100ml and stored in a clear plastic bag so security staff can see what you have, as well as saving any spillages in your hand luggage from ruining its contents.

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