Tea Tree Oil – Your Essential Oil

Tea Tree oil is an essential oil that has many of benefits for everyone, and one that has been used for as medicine by the Aborigines for hundreds of years.

Tea Tree oil originates from Australia and is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree.

Aborigines have used the oil through inhalation methods to treat colds and coughs, as well as using it as a topical ointment when applied to the skin.

Unlike other oils Tea Tree Oil can either be used neat or diluted on the skin and really is a great natural remedy to deal with many ailments; including bacterial and fungal infections.

Why should it be in every bathroom?

Quite simply because everyone in the family can use this little miracle worker.

Probably its most famous claim to fame in the past twenty odd years is that it can naturally help reduce spots and acne.

Its antibacterial properties work wonders on those irritating blemishes that can plague us from our teenage years and well into adulthood.

In studies, it has shown to be as effective on acne as the leading acne medication prescribed by a doctor.

Hand sanitiser

Its antibacterial and antifungal properties help to fight against those nasty bacterias and viruses that are easily spread around and cause colds, flu. Such as E.Coli, and the Influenza virus.

Nail fungus

If you have ever suffered from an infection of fungus on your nails, you’ll understand how embarrassing it can be. But did you know that Tea Tree Oil can actually help treat nail fungus? It is recommended to apply it neatly on a daily basis until it clears ups and to wash your hands afterwards to avoid spreading the fungus further.

It won’t clear up overnight and could take a few months but it is a healthier and more natural way to treat this problem.

First aid

Now it’s clear we have established the antibacterial benefits of Tea Tree Oil so far, but there is more. It is a super handy oil to have within your first aid kit because it can soothe skin inflammation, it can be used to disinfect, and treat minor cuts/scrapes as it kills any bacteria that could get into a wound.

It also helps to encourage wounds to heal, by reducing inflammation and boosting the white blood cells to get to work to heal the injured area, which in turn will speed up the healing process.

Benefits of Tea Tree oil in skincare

With its bacteria-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties, it is easy to understand why it helps those who suffer from spots or acne.

Not only does it help to calm the skin, but it can help reduce spots naturally and is a lot gentler on the skin compared to other spot fighting products. Tea Tree oil even naturally reduces the level of sebum production too.

There are many products that contain Tea Tree oil within them, but you can apply tea tree oil directly onto your spots without the need to dilute it down with water.

Tea Tree oil can help reduce any inflammation you may suffer from, on either your face or body, including helping to fight Psoriasis and helps in the treatment of Eczema too.

What skin type is suitable for Tea Tree oil?

Tea tree oil is suitable for all skin types, but more so those with an oily or combination tone.

If you have sensitive skin or rosacea-prone skin, we’d suggest not applying neat Tea Tree oil to your face or body. (A patch test is always recommended before applying any essential oil neat on the skin.) Instead, dilute it with water to help still achieve the desired effect required.

By diluting it, you are making it less irritable for your delicate skin, but it will work hard still at helping to combat bringing your skin back to normality.

Here at K2A, we include Tea Tree oil in our Harmonising Daily Moisture Cream to help your skin if it is congested or sluggish looking, to work its antibacterial magic to help make your skin clearer. It is mixed in with other wonderful natural ingredients that are proven to hydrate, soothe, regenerate and moisturise your gentle, facial skin.

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