What Does A Face Serum Do?

Face serums have been around for a few years now, yet so many are still unsure what their actual purpose is. So, here at K2A, we thought we’d tell you exactly what it is they’re used for.

What is a face serum?

A face serum intention is to deliver key ingredients that have a higher percentage of active ingredients directly to your skin, after cleansing but before moisturising.

A serum works to deliver concentrated ingredients that your skin requires, for example, if it is dry it will infuse the skin with Hyaluronic Acid, if you need anti ageing help, a serum will deliver anti ageing ingredients in more of a purer form.

If you have acne then a serum you’ll need will help to calm the acne while gently nourishing the skin.

If you have sensitive skin then a serum you’ll use will help to calm the skin and repair the skin barrier function as this is likely to be weak or broken.

How does a face serum work?

A face serum works as we said above, by infusing the skin with key ingredients to penetrate deeper, to help the skin in its reproduction stage, while assisting with any skin concerns also.

Serums typically are runny or in a gel-like texture, that you apply once you have cleansed and used toner, gently massaging it in into your face in circular motions so it can get deeper into the layers of your skin. Once you’ve applied your serum, you can finish off with your moisturiser and SPF (if using in the morning).

Some serums are only to be used in the evening, while others can be used both morning and night. This will depend on what the serum you’re using is targeting.

Stronger serums are to be used in the evening, as it is during the night when the skin works at regenerating itself, fighting off free radicals, repairing any damage they have caused and producing new skin.

Therefore the stronger serums can help with the regenerating process, aiding the skin in reproducing healthy skin, and tackling any nasties such as free radicals and sun damage that the skin has suffered from through the day.

Overall, serums help to improve the skin’s texture, brightness and smoothness, as well as anything specifically it is designed for, e.g. anti ageing.

An anti ageing serum will help to hydrate the skin while helping the skin to ‘plump’ fine lines and fight of the baddies that the skin comes in contact with which work to age the skin.

Active ingredients that can be found in most serums include;

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Exfoliating ingredients
  • Peptides
  • Hydrating ingredients

Why you need a face serum?

It is important to point out at this point that everyone ideally should be using a facial serum. But it is also important to remember that it doesn’t replace your moisturiser.

A serum has merely a higher concentration of active ingredients that can penetrate the skin quicker. You’ll still need to apply your moisturiser at the end of your skincare routine.

No matter if you want hydration, to help with fine lines and wrinkles, sensitivity/rosacea or acne, serums will improve all these concerns, working to get your skin towards being back in harmony.

Your skincare routine will clean your skin and moisturise it, so why wouldn’t you add a serum to deliver ingredients that are going to enhance your skin’s appearance and reproduction, while tackling any skin issues you have?

It really is necessary, especially as the skin ages, to give it that helping hand with the use of a serum within its regeneration process. Especially seeing as we know that as we hit twenty-five, our collagen and elastin reproduction rate drops dramatically, allowing those fine lines to creep upon us.

When searching for the right serum for you, first work out what it is you want to help your skin with, i.e. sensitivity or hydration and then research what serums are available that tackle these issues.

Remember also, that you’re not going to see a difference overnight. It takes up to 28 days for your skin to truly start benefiting from a new product and for you to notice a difference.

Here at K2A, we love natural ingredients and fully understand their full potential, and that’s why our range of skincare products are packed full of these wonderful and natural skin-loving ingredients, to help you achieve your best skin yet.

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