What is a face polish?

A face polish is a fantastic way of getting rid of dead skin cells and dirt on your face, to reveal the fresher, smoother and more radiant skin below. It’s an important part of everyone’s skincare regime. It helps to reduce the opportunity for spots to appear as you are ridding the area of dead cells that can contribute to spots.

face polish purpose is the same as face exfoliation, but it is gentler and less abrasive on the delicate facial skin.

How does a face polish work?

A face polish contains tiny beads (these shouldn’t be microbeads as they are dangerous to marine wildlife and our oceans), such as jojoba beads in a mixture which is normally made up of either natural ingredients, scientific ingredients or a mixture of the two.

Once you have cleansed your skin, you can then start to exfoliate.

You’ll normally add water to the polish to emulsify it and then massage onto your face, concentrating on all areas, especially the T-zone where blackheads are likely to appear.

Benefits of using a face polish

Other than removing dull, dead skin cells and dirt to reveal beautiful, radiant, soft skin, you’ll also be contributing to slowing down the rate at which your skin ages too.

Exfoliating will help your serums and moisturisers to sink in better to the skin, helping them to work their magic further. Not to mention that your makeup will sit on your skin much better too.

Face exfoliation will also help to deep clean your pores, reducing the likelihood of them becoming clogged and ultimately ending up with blackheads and spots.

How often to use a face polish

If you have normal, oily, dry or combination skin, you can exfoliate between two and three times a week. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from rosacea then exfoliating once a week is more than enough.

Sensitive skin, especially those with rosacea cannot handle the abrasiveness of frequent exfoliation, as their skin is delicate and easily irritated, thanks to their skin barrier being weaker.

In fact, in some cases, people with rosacea and sensitive skin are advised not to exfoliate. For those with these skin types, that would like to exfoliate or are ok too, should choose an extremely gentle face polish that won’t aggravate the skin too much.

Face exfoliation and face polishes shouldn’t be used every day as one, it is unnecessary and can be too harsh, and two your skin won’t benefit any more than doing so two to three times a week.

Is a face polish the same as a face exfoliator?

A face polish is a gentler form of a face exfoliator and tends to have more natural ingredients. Just because it is gentle doesn’t mean it won’t do as good a job as an exfoliator, because it truly does.

For an invigorating and refreshing, exfoliating experience our K2A Exfoliating Face Polish is perfect for revealing fresher more radiant skin.

It is packed full of natural ingredients, to scrub away those dead and dirty cells, whilst also calming and hydrating the skin also.

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