What is a facial?

A facial is a treatment which uses cosmetic products and therapeutic techniques to treat the skin.

Firstly, a cleanser is used to remove any makeup or dirt before a skin analysis is performed using a magnifying lamp in order to identify any areas of congestion or sensitivity.  A second cleanser is then applied using a product that addresses any specific issues. The skin is then toned to remove any residue of cleanser or dirt, some toners are designed with minerals to assist the skin’s hydration.

Next, the skin is exfoliated to remove any dead skin cells and to improve the texture and surface of the skin. Exfoliators may include jojoba beads or peach kernel to gently rub the skin, however, some exfoliators contain enzymes such as papain (papaya) or bromelain (pineapple) which is applied to the surface of the skin like a mask and left for 10 – 15mins for the enzymes to digest the fat.

A steamer is used to warm the skin and open the pores and extraction is then carried out. A specific skin serum is applied to the skin and a facial, neck and shoulder massage is performed which loosens tense muscles and helps to relax the client whilst improving the skin’s circulation and colour, it usually lasts around 20 minutes

Following this, a mask is applied. This can be a non-setting mask or a setting mask dependant on the client’s needs and skin type. A moisturiser, eye cream and lip balm are then applied to hydrate and protect your newly revitalised skin!

Do I need to prepare for a facial?

There is no preparation needed for a facial except to complete a consultation form where you can discuss your present skincare routine, products used, previous treatments and any problems that you have with your skin.

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