What is a foaming cleanser?

There are many skincare products on the market, aiming to cleanse your skin, which can make it all seem a little daunting at first.

That’s why in this article we are going to concentrate on foaming cleansers, what they do, their benefits, and what skin type they are most suited to.

What is a foaming cleanser?

A foaming cleanser is a cleanser that foams and isn’t of a milky or creamy texture. You add water to the cleanser which helps it to work into a lather, and wash away your impurities and makeup, leaving you with clean and refreshed skin.

There are many foaming cleansers designed to target specific areas of concern, but they aren’t for every skin type.

What skin type is best suited for foaming cleansers?

Oily, combination and normal skin types can normally use these styles of cleanser.

Dry and sensitive skin types can sometimes find foaming cleansers to be too harsh on their delicate skin. Dry skin types find they can strip their skin of the little moisture they already have, while on sensitive skins foaming cleanser can be irritating.

There are many foaming cleansers on the market and most have a target skin type or concern that they’ve been developed for.

For example, lot’s of teenagers tend to use a foaming cleanser as many claim they can help to target acne, which a lot of teenagers and adults suffer with on and off throughout their life. This in many cases is true, because often thicker, creamier cleansers can be too much for teenage and spotty skin.

The benefits of a foaming cleanser

Foaming cleansers are a great product to cleanse and clean your face. In essence, they are similar to washing your face with soap but a lot gentler on your skin. Plus they pack a whole bunch of good for your skin too, unlike traditional soap.

A lot of these styles of cleansers now include natural ingredients that target a particular skin concern, as well as having hydrating, soothing, balancing and invigorating properties.

It’s purpose is to thoroughly clean your face of all makeup and dirt that naturally builds up throughout the day and night. It is also designed to clean deep into the pores, making sure all dirt is reached and washed away, leaving you with refreshed soft, supple and squeaky clean skin.

Foaming cleansers are a great alternative to using cream or milk cleansers, and for those of you, that prefer to wash their face with the use of water. The light fluffiness of a foaming cleanser, truly makes you feel as though your face is having a good old-fashioned clean.

When and how should you use a foaming cleanser?

You can use a foaming cleanser either morning or night but generally, lot’s of people just use it in the morning to awaken and refresh their skin and use a different kind of cleanser at night.

To use a foaming cleanser, you need to apply a dollop into the palm of your clean hands and add water. Lather together and apply to your face, massaging in upward circles, covering all areas of your face.

The longer you can do this for the better, but if in a rush, twenty to thirty seconds will be fine. Once you’re finished massaging the cleanser into your facial skin, rinse away with warm water on a flannel.

Follow with a splash of cold water, toner, serum, moisturiser and your SPF (if using in the morning).

The K2A foaming face cleanser is one of our best selling products for both men and women, providing your skin with all the nourishment it requires, while gently but effectively cleaning it too.

Your senses will feel awoken and your face re-energised from the natural, therapeutic ingredients included in this luxurious product.

Now you can experience a spa-like feeling at home in the morning when you’re gently waking up, and once more in the evening after a long and busy day.

You and your skin will feel relaxed, calm and nourished.

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