What is cleansing milk?

At K2A Skincare we have created a superb cleansing milk designed for clients who like to have a spa experience whilst performing their daily cleansing routine. Our cleanser combines essential oils and herbs in a base of carrier oils for everyday cleansing and nurturing of your skin.

Cleansing milk is popular with both male and females and it is a great way to remove impurities from the skin. Many people who have never used a milk cleanser are missing out on the wonderful benefits of this product.

What is cleansing milk?

Cleansing milk is a lightweight lotion which is suitable for most skin types. It is generally applied morning and evening either with warm hands or with damp cotton wool or a muslin cloth to gently cleanse the skin. Its job is to thoroughly lift impurities and remnants of make – up from the skin. Once applied it safeguards the skin’s natural moisture reserves and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh.

Can cleansing milk be used daily?

Yes, it is beneficial to use cleansing milk morning and evening to remove make-up and impurities and to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

What are the benefits of using a cleansing milk?

A cleansing milk is designed to lift dirt and make -up from the skin, while the consistency allows the skin to stay hydrated. It is light so is suitable for skins which are delicate or that do not like heavy products, such as a combination or oily skin, however, it is suitable for all skin types. Cleansing your skin morning and evening ensures the skin is clean, fresh and hydrated.

How to use a cleansing milk.

Cleansing milk is applied by using warm hands and gently massaging over damp skin using circular movements for 1 – 2 minutes, concentrating on the chin, neck, forehead and hairline, and cheeks.

It is then rinsed off using warm water, a second cleanse can be performed. The skin is gently pat dry with a soft clean towel or tissue.

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