What is Squalane?

The latest beauty ‘buzzword’ of the year is Squalane. An ingredient that is becoming more and more popular in skincare products, but what exactly is it, what does it do, and do you need it?

What is Squalane?

Squalane is an oil that is naturally found in Olive oil, Rice Bran, Amaranth and Wheatgerm.

An oil that is great for all skin types but mostly targeted at drier complexions, Squalane is fast absorbing, hydrating and helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Let’s rewind to our science lessons; you see oil and water don’t mix; instead, oil sits on top of water, meaning when you include it in skincare it will lock in the moisture and help keep the skin hydrated.

How does Squalane work?

Squalane works by not only forming a barrier on the skin to keep out environmental stresses but also to replenish the skin’s natural ingredients it already has.

You see our skin naturally produces Squalene within Sebum, which is remarkably similar to Squalane, however Squalene molecular design results in it being less stable than Squalane, and reacts with UV light which can not only enhance the ageing process but also cause spots.

Thankfully Squalane can help to prevent the above from when included in your skincare.

Once Squalane has been quickly absorbed (on average 2mm per second), it works as an antioxidant, preventing UV damage; is antibacterial, promotes cell regrowth and inhibits the formation of age spots. Plus, it helps to develop a more youthful, plumper complexion as it helps to retain the water in the skin, which helps to smooth out fine lines.

Why you need Squalane in your skincare routine?

You need Squalane in your skincare to help keep your skin not only hydrated but to most importantly help prevent UV damage and wrinkles and fine lines from forming. We all know how vital SPF is at preventing skin damaging and prematurely ageing skin, so when we come to do our skincare routine at night, we need to help it along the way. Squalane will boost our skins turnover process and help tackle all the nasties that have penetrated the skin, including UV light, dirt and pollution. Meaning you’ll wake up with a more radiant and healthier complexion, as new skin cells are able to shine on through.

Our skin needs a helping hand from the age of twenty-five, as that is when our collagen and elastin levels start to drop, which also means the time it takes for our new skin cells to reach the top layer of our skin is slower.

Where should I add Squalane into my skincare routine?

Squalane should be added after you have cleansed and toned but before your moisturiser.

Ideally, you’d want Squalane to be in a serum-like texture to help it work quickly into the skin.

Don’t worry if you don’t see results straight away, because it takes our skin on average twenty-eight days to adapt to a new product and/or ingredient before you’ll see a change and a more permanent result.

Here at K2A, we love natural ingredients and fully understand their full potential, and that’s why our range of skincare products are packed full of these wonderful and natural skin-loving ingredients, to help you achieve your best skin yet.

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