What should your skincare routine involve

Keeping your skin in the best possible condition is no easy task but following a simple routine each day with the right products, you can help keep your skin in its best condition.

You skin predominantly acts to protect, regulate and provide sensation. Being the largest organ, is it any wonder that it comes under attack, day in day out and at times looks dull and lifeless?

Every day it is trying to protect your body from daily dirt, pollution, free radicals and sun damage, as well as quickly trying to repair any damage overnight, ready for the next day.

Therefore a skincare routine is so important to help not only protect your skin further, keep it clean and allow ingredients to help boost cell turnover in their renewal process. A skincare regimen will also help treat any concerns you may have including; acne, anti-ageing, redness, skin pigmentation and many others too.

It is vital to get the right skincare products for your skin type. For example, a face wash may be too drying for dry and sensitive skins, yet is perfect for oily skin types. You’ll also need to look out for products designed for your skin concerns too.

For instance, if you have spots or acne, then the products you’ll use will most likely have Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Oil or Salicylic Acid to help treat them. Whereas those with sensitive skin will find that these ingredients may be too harsh on their skin and could be irritable.

An everyday skincare routine should follow the below steps;

  1. Cleanse (double)
  2. Toner (optional)
  3. Serum
  4. Eye cream
  5. Moisturiser
  6. SPF (morning only)


A cleanser comes in different forms – face washes, foaming cleanserscleansing milk, cream cleanser etc, and is used to clean the skin. To find out which cleanser is better for your skin type, take a look at our article – Cleansing Milk vs Face Wash.

It is best to double cleanse your skin in the evening so it can firstly, remove any makeup and then repeat to thoroughly clean the skin and to remove dirt that has worked its way into the pores. Clean skin will help let the other products work better with your skin, to give you the best results.


A toner is then applied to the skin to remove any remaining traces of dirt that the cleanser has missed, to help shrink the pores, and deliver key cleansing nutrients.

Toners have advanced a through the years and what was once thought too harsh to use on sensitive skin, can now be used on all skin types. Just make sure the toner you use is designed for your skin type.


Relatively new to the skin care regimen, serums are in essence a lighter form of a moisturiser, packed full of powerful nutrients, the skin absorbs quickly, thanks to being a lipid-soluble base.

Eye cream

The skin around the eye area is thin and extremely delicate. It, therefore, is the first part of your face to show if you are tired, or dehydrated.

As it is so delicate, the eye area needs its own eye cream so it can gently but powerfully target any puffiness, dryness, fine lines and dark under eye circles. Often normal face moisturisers are too thick for this area.


The moisturiser is the final step in your skin regimen. Not only does it moisturise your skin and help to lock in hydration but it will also help with your cells to repair themselves at night.


This is crucial to a skincare regimen. Not only will it protect you and your skin from UVA and UVB rays from the sun, but it will also prevent premature ageing caused by the Sun’s rays.

Apply every morning, once your moisturiser has sunk in, and allow to sink in before applying any makeup.

You’ll generally want to apply no less than an SPF 30, as the higher the factor number, the better it will protect you from the Sun.

Additional skin care

Your skin will also need a few extra treats, which can be applied once a week. These extra treats will stimulate your skin, remove dead skin cells, treat any concerns you may have and provide hydration and radiance.

It will also allow your ingredients in your everyday skincare routine to be absorbed and utilised better.


Exfoliation will help to gently rub away the dead skin cells that lay on the very top of the skin’s surface. It’s these cells that make your skin look dull, dry and lifeless and can potentially cause spots too.

Removing the dead skin cells with an exfoliator like K2A’s face Polish will help to reveal brighter and fresher skin.

Face mask

Treating your face to a face mask will work wonders at delivering essential nutrients, to provide your face with hydration, radiance, and treating any facial concerns you may have.

There are so many to choose from, but pick the right one for your skin type and you can reveal beautiful skin once more.

Having a skin care regimen is so beneficial to everyone. You’ll be helping your skin to look its best and it will be thankful for providing a helping hand in its repair process too with the additional nutrients.

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