Where and when did a skincare regimen start?

The whole skincare industry has seen a massive boom in sales over the past few decades but when did skincare become a “thing” that women and men started doing every day?

For this, we need to look back over thousands of years of history, where it is believed by historians that since the dawn of time that people have used something to clean their faces, even if that was just water.


It was during the Egyptian era in 3000 BC, where skincare really ramped up a gear and they started using natural remedies, to cleanse their skins.

The Egyptians (especially the Queens) took immense pride in their skin which leads to them really looking after their skin.

To create the natural skincare products they used olive oil, dough, milk, essential oils from herbs and plants, and ostrich eggs!

They even used exfoliating scrubs too! Made from aloe vera and sand – ouch! (Thankfully we no longer have to endure that pain to reveal radiant skin!)

They developed body oils to help deal with any skin concerns they might have had such as stretch marks and were the very first people to introduce anti-ageing products.

Afterall, they were renowned for their beauty and didn’t want their skin to age any more than we do today. To reduce their skin imperfections and wrinkles they used fenugreek oil.

In fact, some of the ingredients that are used in today’s skin care were once used by the Egyptians, including; aloe vera and sodium bicarbonate.


The Chinese took more of a holistic approach to their skincare, with the first written records of skincare in use by an Empress from the Qin Dynasty. She would use jellyfish and seaweed to make a cleanser as well as facial exercises and massage to provide good circulation to the face. The Empress also strongly believed that there was a link between diet and skin care and that certain nutrients such as Chinese yam and sesame seeds would help the skin.

They liked their makeup, most importantly to look pale. In fact, they used gels made from natural ingredients to remove the skin pigment and to bleach their skin on a permanent basis.

They would often use Songyi mushrooms to help achieve a fairer complexion, which is also often used in today’s skincare to help lighten any pigmentation.

Even though the Chinese also used drastic measures to achieve their perfect pale complexion, skin care was about health, nutrition and circulation, eating healthily to maintain a youthful and beautiful complexion.


The Greeks actually used a lot of the traditions of the Egyptians but put their own stamp on it.

They developed their own ways to distil oil from plants and herbs, with honey predominantly being used as a moisturiser. The Greeks would use sand and oils as a form of sun protection – thank goodness for modern day medicine and sun lotion!

They also used mixed berries and milk as a skin treatment such as a mask, to rejuvenate their complexion.

Many of the treatment and diagnostics methods for certain skin conditions, used today by dermatologists were invented by Hippocrates, a Greek physician.


The Romans associated cleanliness and hygiene as an important part of their life and skincare routine, making bathing a cultural aspect (think of the infamous Roman baths strunned across England alone).

To remove dirt they would use olive oil and a scraper, while the Roman Royal ladies would use crocodile dung to lighten their skin.

It was their empire stretch across the globe that helped to add other products and ingredients to their skincare, as well as finding new ingredients such as, alum – a popular mineral used as an astringent for scabs, and to treat abrasions.

Present day

It wasn’t until the early 1900’s when skincare companies started to develop themselves and skincare for everyone. The FDA was established in 1906 to regulate not only skincare products but makeup also.

In the past fifty years, skincare has developed rapidly and is an industry worth billions of pounds, with everyone all over the world wanting the very best for their skin.

With the very best ingredients available at our fingertips, skincare has never been so popular.

Like our predecessors, here at K2A we fully understand the natural goodness of plants, herbs and their oils, and how they can have a huge positive impact on one’s skincare.

That’s why we have a lot of natural ingredients within our products that have been proven to help with the skin renewal process, to soothe the skin and mind, and work towards boosting collagen production to name but a few.

Our Exfoliating Face Polish doesn’t contain sand unlike the Ancient Egyptian version but does include Jojoba beads, which are safer to the environment and Omega 6, Vitamin C and E, Sweet Almond oil and Argan Kernel oil. These natural ingredients will help protect, rejuvenate your skin, promoting a fresher and bright complexion.

Our Foaming Face Wash contains no SLS, instead, Irish Red Moss will lather up the wash, with Sage, Feverfew and Bergamot essential oils to heal, soothe, balance and invigorate your skin.To see what other wonderful natural oils and ingredients that we have packed into our products you can view them here and pick the ones you want, to help get your best complexion yet, without some of the harsh ingredients used by our ancestors.

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