Why Facial Massage Is Your New Best Friend?

Facial massage is part and parcel of a facial that you experience at a beauty salon or spa. Remember how enjoyable and relaxing it felt, let alone how plumped your skin was?

Why only leave it as a treat at the spa? You could do facial massage yourself at home, and nightly if you wanted.

The benefits of regular facial massage are brilliant at helping to delay your skin from ageing as well as getting rid of toxins and stimulating the facial muscles.

What is facial massage?

Facial massage is a technique whereby your face muscles are massaged to help release tension, improve skin tone, help drain away any toxins and any facial puffiness..

Facial massage will be used when you have a facial, but should also be used to on a daily or weekly basis to really help boost your skin, seeing as it is the largest organ. But most importantly to help you unwind and relax at the end of the day.

Benefits of facial massage

There are many benefits of facial massage, some we listed above, but we want to go into detail so you can realise how amazing your complexion could potentially be.

Increased blood and oxygen flow

Although your skin is the largest organ it can also be the laziest organ, easily becoming congested or upset following an allergic reaction or if you haven’t looked after it properly.

By massaging your face, you are not only increasing the blood and oxygen supply to the face, but this in turns helps to increase the production of collagen in the long term which helps to promote a more youthful glow. The increase of oxygen and blood also helps to make your skin more awake, looking refreshed and will be able to absorb and utilise more of the products you apply to your face.

Skin products work better

By massaging your skin products into your skin, you’re also allowing the products such as serums, to penetrate deeper and work harder to replenish the skin and help in its overnight regeneration process. Which allows for damage from the day to be healed and promotion of new skin cells to appear nearer the top layers of skin.

Plumping and relaxing

Facial massage also helps to plump your skin, because of the blood and oxygen supply, meaning fine lines can appear reduced and you’ll be relaxing your muscles in your face too.

Your face has forty-three muscles, yes that’s right, forty-three. When was the last time you had a back massage to reduce knots and tension? And when was the last time your face was massaged to ease any tensions? We’re presuming here that you have had more back massages than facials, but think how many times throughout the day you work your face muscles – all the time! So give your face a break and ease out the tension that sits in your facial muscles.

Reduces puffiness

If your face regularly becomes puffy, facial massage can genuinely help with this as it will help drain away the congestion within the face. It is excellent also if you have allergies as the massage will help clear congestion helping to unblock your sinus’ too.

Long-term results of facial massage

If you perform facial massage up to three times a week, you can not only reap the benefits of helping your skin to have increased oxygen and blood supply, which will help your skin to improve its regeneration process and tackle free radicals that have affected your skin throughout the day. But it also helps to make your skin look healthy and glow all year round while keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

How to massage your face

First and foremost you always want to use lifting movements and don’t ever drag your face down.

Use effleurage and small or large circles movements outwards and inwards from the centre of your face, to ensure you’re smoothing those lines out.

Use an oil or balm, even coconut or olive oil found in your kitchen cupboard will work perfectly. You want your skin to have ‘slip’ so you can easily and effortlessly massage your skin without dragging it.

You need to work on a clean face, and with clean hands, so you aren’t transferring any dirt and clogging pores. There are many good facial massage tutorials on YouTube – Lisa Eldridge has an excellent, informative instructional video that is easy to follow and shows massage techniques for the whole face and neck, to help those of you that are new to facial massage.

The significant aspect of facial massage is that you can adapt it to your needs and to the timeframe you have. If it’s thirty seconds in the morning or twenty minutes of an evening, you can no matter where you are, perform a facial massage to help you and your skin feel better.

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