Winter skin care essentials

Winter, the time of year, where we all want to hibernate under our duvets until Spring arrives, but sadly we can’t. The mixture of cold harsh winds, the lashings of the rain, and the greetings of a warm central heated home, together create an environment that is hard for our skin to be able to protect itself.

From the cold attacking our face to the central heating zapping our skins of its moisture, what can be done to help keep your skin in balance during the cold months?

First of all, you need to switch up your skincare from its summer routine.

Think thicker, richer creams and more hydration, to keep your skin in its best condition, but don’t skimp on the SPF!

Why does skin become drier in Winter?

It’s all down to the weather change and the humidity being lower than that of the summertime. The lower the humidity, the more the air sucks moisture from our skin, which is why you may be left with drier, patchy looking skin.

Central heating also creates low humidity, so with low humidity outside and low humidity and heat inside, it really plays havoc with one’s skin, causing cracking, and flaking.

By going from the cold outside to the warmth inside (and vice-versa) causes the facial capillaries to shrink and expand quickly which typically leads to skin redness and in extreme cases broken veins.

If you’ve spent the day outside in the cold, then you probably think a nice hot bubble bath or shower is the perfect remedy to end your day, and essentially it is, it helps you to unwind, feel refreshed and relaxed, but your skin doesn’t feel the same.

In fact, hot water has the potential to dissolve your skin’s protective barrier, which you guessed it, leads to dryness and redness. Even reducing the temperature down so it is warm, will make a huge difference.

What skin care products should I be using in Winter?


A thicker, creamier version rather than a foaming or gel cleanser will not only cleanse your skin perfectly but it won’t strip your skin of its natural oils, unlike that of some foaming cleansers.

Cream cleansers such as K2A’s Gentle Cleansing Milk also have extra moisture built within them and are much gentler on the skin too.


The best way to ensure your skin remains in tip-top condition during the whole of the year, but especially during winter is to exfoliate.

By exfoliating your skin, you’ll be getting rid of the old, dry skin cells clogging the skin and reveal the brighter, younger skin underneath.

This will also allow the skin to absorb serums and moisturisers better and help these products to work better.

K2A’s Exfoliating Face Polish is perfect for revealing radiant skin through its natural ingredients that are gentle enough to be used on a regular basis.

Add hydration

To help fight off dry, flaky skin, add a Hyaluronic Acid serum to your skincare routine. Hyaluronic Acid will boost your skin’s hydration levels, leaving your skin, smoother, plumper, softer and of course hydrated.

This will help to reduce the dryness and flakiness of your complexion.


Swap your lighter moisturiser for a thicker one. Why? Well, the lighter one won’t be able to fulfil its job as well as a thicker/richer cream because of the change in environment. As well as the need for more moisture and hydration to penetrate deeper and protect your skin for longer.

The Replenishing Daily Moisture Cream by K2A is perfect for the Winter months, with its many nourishing and natural ingredients that also enhance the production of collagen too.

Lip Balm

Always make sure you’re wearing a lip balm to help keep your lips soft and replenished especially as they can’t produce their own moisture as they haven’t any oil glands.


It may be Winter but that doesn’t mean you should skip the SPF. It is just as important now as it is in the Summer. The UVA rays are still penetrating through the grey skies that we associate with this time of year, meaning your skin will still be under attack from them, causing the ageing process to have been sped up.

So if you’re finding your skin has become drier, flaky or your makeup is quite sitting right on your skin, then follow the above steps to help keep your skin in its best condition for those harsh Winter months.

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